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Steel Construction Installation

Special Services

Steel Construction Installation

We offer you:

  • Manufacturing, transportation and assembly of steel industrial halls and warehouses, canopies and roof structures,
  • Steel structures from cold-formed and hot-rolled profiles,
  • The shape, function and dimensions of the buildings as desired by the investor,
  • Installation of roof coverings – sheets, sandwich panels,
  • Installation of facades and roofs made of sandwich panels with stone wool and polyurethane from various European manufacturers,
  • Carrying out sheet metal work,
  • Performing works on the reconstruction of flat roofs with steel substructure and covering.



Why steel construction?
Steel is a modern and reliable material suitable for construction. It gives great freedom to architects and designers in order to get as close as possible to your needs and wishes. It is characterized by elegance, simplicity and durability. It is suitable for all types of upgrades and combinations of materials.

The main advantages when it comes to the production of metal structures:

  • possible complete factory production of the structure and therefore assembly of finished parts;
  • rapid ecological construction of the facility with minimal environmental damage;
  • easy adaptation to the existing situation (adaptation to a new function);
  • easy maintenance and long service life;
  • possibility of disassembly and relocation;
  • easy possibility of subsequent upgrade;
  • the possibility of combining different materials;
  • material suitable for recycling that does not burden the environment.



Steel structures for halls
With the acquired experience in the field of production and assembly of steel structures, we offer a wide range of services related to the assembly and production of metal structures adapted to the wishes of investors. By installing new and upgrading existing production spaces, we ensure a space of static stability and shape it according to the specific needs of investors, while guaranteeing quality.



Steel roof structures
We are able to manufacture and install various shapes and dimensions of metal roof structures and offer solutions that include steel structures in combination with other materials.



Steel constructions for various purposes
If you need a steel structure for a specific purpose, we are at your disposal. With our suggestions and ideas, we can help in constructing and visualizing the hall according to your wishes. We are able to produce and assemble prefab halls of various shapes and sizes.

For all your inquiries and requests, feel free to contact us.